Taj Global Understanding offers a wide variety of short term educational and cultural programming for both individual students and school groups from across the globe.    TGU offers three categories of short term programming:   EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL TOURS, ESL STUDY PROGRAMS, & HIGHER EDUCATION COLLEGE TOURS.       

TGU short term programs are available annually from April thru October, a time period which includes Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.   We work with student groups ranging in age from 9 to 18 and average group sizes of 10-40 persons.    Furthermore, TGU offers both host family based and hotel based programs.     Program durations range from 7 days to 21 days. 

TGU Educational & Cultural programs are a blend of education, cultural immersion, service, and sightseeing to some of America’s most famous national landmarks. TGU’s short term programs provide a unique platform for today’s youth to gain international exposure, develop their personality and confidence, learn about American Culture, and become global ambassadors between nations.   Our programs are primarily based in the Commonwealth of Virginia, one of America’s original 13 colonies, a state which is located on the Eastern Seaboard and borders Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina.   Virginia offers students a wide landscape for cultural immersion through its rural small towns, large urban cities, diverse topography, rich heritage, and proximity to famous American iconic landmarks!  For programs which have a travel component, student groups have the opportunity to visit the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Niagara Falls, and Sea World! 

Educational activities may include visiting local American schools (public and private), participating in cultural exchange activities, sporting programs, or spending classroom time learning English or learning about American history and culture.   Cultural immersion activities may include visits to local government and businesses, spending time with local police, fire, and rescue personnel, visiting a theme park, camping outdoors, collaborations with church and youth organizations, host family activities, and presentations by students regarding their home countries.   Volunteer service programs may include visiting local hospitals and nursing homes, engaging in an environmental program, feeding meals to the homeless, and assisting local area non profit organizations with specific group oriented projects.  Students and their chaperones often travel many hours and cross many time zones to reach the United States; hence, the opportunity to visit a landmark is often of interest.   Whether roaming the streets of New York beneath the skyscraper’s, taking a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, learning about Hollywood film production at Universal Studios, or enjoying the Electric Parade at Disneyworld, Taj Global Understanding is able to customize your program accordingly. 

In addition to the Educational & Cultural Tours, TGU also offers ESL programs which are based primarily in California and the Western US. These programs include language courses and extended stays with American host families.    In 2010, TGU has introduced programs Higher Education programs aimed at international students who plan to attend American universities after high school.    The Higher Education program is an opportunity for students to tour American campuses, meet with admissions officers directly, and better plan for their future. 

Students who participate in a Taj Global Understanding short term programs have returned again and again! 



  • Programs Available Year Round
  • Student Age Range 9-18
  • Group Leader/Chaperone Travels Free  1:10
  • Duration 7-21 Day Program Itineraries
  • Accommodation (Hotel & Host Family Based Programs)




  • Accommodation (Hotel or Host Family)
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Area Daily Coordinator & Field Staff
  • Local School Coordination
  • All Field Trips and Fees
  • Visa Processing Support
  • Orientations
  • Daily Programming
  • 24 Hr. Emergency Support
  • Application Processing
  • Student Certificate of Completion
  • International Airfare & Visa Fees
  • Lunches (For Hotel Program Only)
  • Pocket Money
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